Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chilli con carne

We love our chilli con carne, it's perfect for warming you up on a cold winters night!

Start with chopping red onion and red pepper into small pieces and crush a clove of garlic. Fry these for a while to slightly brown the onion and soften the red pepper. Add the minced beef and cook until browned.

In the meantime, empty a tin of chopped tomatoes, 200ml of passata sauce, a dessertspoon of tomato puree, a shake of mixed herbs, black pepper, pinch of salt, sugar and a squirt of tomato ketchup into a deeper saucepan. if you have some red wine (or even vodka!) put a slosh of this in too as it adds to the flavour. Usually we put cooked red kidney beans in at this point but we ran out so substituted carrots instead! Add half a teaspoon of chilli powder and a quarter of a teaspoon of paprika (add more or less chilli and paprika as to whether you want it hotter or milder).

Mix the tomato sauce mixture thoroughly and then add the cooked mince - at this point take out the garlic. Give the mixture a really good stir, bring to the boil and then reduce to simmer with a lid on for at least 20 minutes - the longer you simmer the fuller the flavour. We usually simmer for around an hour, checking half way that the seasoning is right, if it isn't add what you think it needs.


Once you are happy with the flavour, it's ready to serve with rice and plain or nacho cheese flavour tortilla crisps (lovely dunked into the chilli sauce!)

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