Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aloo Gobi

ALOO GOBI - an Indian vegetarian favourite of ours, simply potatoes and cauliflower in a masala curry sauce. We learnt to make this on a cookery course in Kerala, Southern India. Perfect serves with fluffy rice from your Zojirushi and with a chapati or nan to soak up the sauce.

Cauliflower and potatoes chopped
3 sliced onions (very thin slices)
3 tomatoes (very thin slices)
½ spoon of garlic/ginger paste
1 big pinch fennel seeds
2 cardamom seeds
1 clove
1 big pinch cinnamon
1 green chilli

To make
Half boil potatoes with salt and a pinch of turmeric, then add the cauliflower. Once boiled you can shallow fry in oil to give colour so they are golden.

Fry spices in sunflower oil then add sliced onion, green chilli and pinch of salt. Also add the ½ spoon of garlic/ginger paste, 1 spoon turmeric, 1 spoon chilli powder, 2 spoons coriander, 1 spoon garam masala. Add sliced tomatoes then add water until it is a sauce.

Add the potatoes and cauliflower and mix, add a little milk (or yoghurt if you prefer) to the sauce, some larger slices of tomatoes and garnish with a bit of fresh coriander.

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